When organizations seek to create breakthroughs, they turn to some of the most innovative thinkers in the field of human resources today. Talent Plus senior associates, Larry Sternberg, J.D., and Kim Turnage, Ph.D., present their thought leadership through a blend of management strategies and inspirational advice to deliver powerful messages through their book, “Managing to Make a Difference.”


This book provides much-needed tools and techniques for building a high-performing team – without letting other managerial duties suffer. Organized around a coherent philosophy and based on solid research, the discussion offers a roadmap to engagement, talent development and excellence in management. From difficult situations and organizational challenges to everyday motivation and inspiration, these techniques help middle managers achieve the goals of their organization while empowering their workers to achieve their own.


If you’d like to have a conversation with either Larry or Kim, please email Cydney Koukol at the email address listed below.


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