Best Performer

Describe the best performer you have ever known. Use your own adjectives, phrases or other descriptions that fit your perception as to why they are the best.

Career Investment Discussion

A Career Investment Discussion (CID) is a specific type of one-on-one meeting between leaders and direct reports. It is a helpful resource in sparking the kind of productive discussion that is based upon open-ended questions.

Focus On You

Focus On You is a relationship extension activity that builds teamwork and enhances supportive relationships between associates and managers. It is positively designed to focus on successes, goals and interests.

Gift Formula

The Talent Plus Gift Formula is the perfect equation that leads to an individual’s growth – (Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth.

Human Investment Planning

“Managing means making the strengths of people effective. Neither the welfare approach, nor the personnel management approach, nor the control and firefighting approach address themselves to strength, however. + Peter Drucker “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices,” 1973