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We are fortunate that Larry Sternberg has been a member of the Talent Plus ® staff for more than 17 years. He currently serves as a Talent Plus Fellow, and as a member of our Board of Directors. His leadership has been a key factor in building our appreciative, high performance culture, which has earned Talent Plus numerous awards, including a coveted place on Fortune Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list several years in a row. In her 14-year tenure with Talent Plus as a Leadership Consultant, Kim Turnage has studied thousands of managers and consulted with C-suite leaders to help them build high performing teams. In Managing to Make a Difference, Larry and Kim share many of the principles and practices that make our company and our client organizations great places for people to work and grow.

Kimberly Rath, Founder
Chairman and President of Talent Plus, Inc. ®