When organizations seek to create breakthroughs, they turn to some of the most innovative thinkers in the field of human resources today. Larry Sternberg’s teaching ability and sense of humor has given him the reputation as a talented and effective speaker. Through a blend of humor and inspirational advice, he is able to deliver powerful messages to his audience.


His speaking experience includes presentations throughout the United States, including the hospitality, government, food and beverage, human resources and retail industries. In addition, I have also spoken internationally at presentations in Singapore, The Maldives, Spain and Central America. I have also served as a guest lecturer numerous times at the award winning Canyon Ranch Resort, one of America’s premier health spas. Finally, he has hosted two radio shows powered by the VoiceAmerica Network – “Mentoring with Larry Sternberg” and “Managing to Make a Difference.”


Join Larry Sternberg to learn about how managing a high-performing team can move your organization forward. Based on his recently published business book, “Managing to Make a Difference.” As the former President of Talent Plus and General Manager of Ritz Carlton Properties, he takes decades of advice and whittle it down to the importance of the following growth areas:


  • Cultivating Positive Relationships
  • Accelerating People’s Growth
  • Maximizing Engagement and Motivation
  • Building Extraordinary Teams
  • Shaping Your Culture
  • Embracing Change
  • Investing in Your Own Growth


In this highly interactive session, he will engage participants in a lively discussion and series of actionable tools, and he will share his vast experiences in developing great managers. He will help you discover the importance of strategically managing your teams, understand how culture, engagement, growth and gratitude will move teams forward, and how best to implement specific tools tomorrow with your teams.

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