Kim Turnage has spent her career figuring out where people naturally excel and connecting them with opportunities to stretch those talents. She first joined Talent Plus® in 1997 as a Senior Research Analyst and Leadership Consultant. At that time, she directed research, statistical analysis and reporting of results, including the design, initial validation and ongoing validation of selection instruments. She also consulted with clients to develop and implement measurement strategies to help them understand the impact of talent-based selection and strengths-based management on their business outcomes.


She now serves as a Senior Leadership Consultant at Talent Plus. In this capacity, she works with client partners in the selection, development and retention of top leadership talent, including succession planning. She has consulted with global clients including The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Sun International, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Harman Management Corporation, the United States Air Force and Gensler. She is also a regular contributor to the Talent Plus Viewpoint ® Blog. In addition, Turnage is the co-author of Managing to Make a Difference, a book offering practical tools and exercises to become a manager focused on making a positive difference in employees’ lives.


A graduate of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Kim earned a B.A. (1990) in English and Psychology, an M.S. (1994) in Psychology, and a Ph.D. (1997) in Experimental Psychology. She was a Presidential Fellow in 1997. During her time as a graduate student and later as an adjunct faculty member, she taught undergraduate courses in Research Methods and Data Analysis, Perception, Cognition and Introductory Psychology. Her professional experience also includes hands-on training, leadership and management of over 500 volunteers as Director of Ministries for Southwood Lutheran Church.


In her free time, Kim enjoys coaching high school track, reading, writing and getting outdoors around her home in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She and her husband, Rick, have three children, Connor, Arin and Peyton.